Guidelines & Application

Guidelines & Application

Procedures for Grant Seekers

The Weatherwax Foundation provides funds to promote and support successful community programs, classical culture and arts, family strengthening, and focused education, in the greater Jackson area and, to a lesser extent, in Hillsdale and Lenawee counties. Operations funding requests from financially sound organizations with missions matching Foundation interests are accepted. Grant requests for endowments, individuals, individual scholarships, or non-501(c) 3 organizations are not considered.

Requests must follow the format below and may be submitted any time. Decisions are generally made 8-12 weeks from receipt of a complete request. Requests without required information or adequate explanation of its absence are not considered. It is your responsibility to provide a complete application.

Please submit three complete copies to include:

  1. An explanation of the organization or program and amount requested, not longer than two pages. Note other funding sources from which you seek or have received funding;
  2. Objective criteria used to measure project outcomes;
  3. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) letter confirming tax-exempt status;
  4. Audited or reviewed financial statements for the most recent two years;
  5. Current date Profit & Loss statement for the organization;
  6. Budget for the project;
  7. Listing of organization’s board of directors, executive, and project managers, with statements of qualifications and contact information;
  8. The annual budget and requirements for professional staff and board development, and the
  9. Percent of board and staff giving.

Some questions we suggest you address in your proposal narrative include:

  1. How does the project improve our community?
  2. What is the objective, data-supported need for the project?
  3. Can the project sustain itself after the grant is completed? Is it a one-time expenditure?
  4. Are the needs addressed in the request met by other organizations?

Printable version of the Guidelines and Application (pdf) 

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